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Upcoming Series: Overcoming Fatigue

If you’re feeling tired, there are many factors and medical conditions that need to be ruled out in order to determine the source of your fatigue. Usually, there’s not one single reason or underlying cause, but a combination of factors. There’s also huge variation in how fatigue is experienced. It may be subtle, where you feel tired at certain parts of the day or, it may cause dysfunction to the point where you are unable to think clearly or carry out normal functions- like going to work.

I’m creating this blog series on Fatigue, to explore these factors and medical conditions over the next several months (or possibly, years!) My passion for this topic was fuelled by my experience on the Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome focus shift during my internship year at CCNM. My goal is to provide you with quality information that can help bring energy back into your life, or understanding know when to ask for help.

Here’s a rough outline of upcoming blog topics (but are definitely not limited to):


-blood sugar regulation

-key nutrients: Iron, B12, Vit D, etc.

-accuracy of blood tests

-food sensitivities


-quantity vs. quality

-circadian rhythm

Specific Conditions

-Fibromyalgia/Chronic fatigue syndrome




-HPA Dysfunction or ‘Adrenal Fatigue’

Along the way, I will be sharing recipes/health tips so make sure you’re following my Facebook page @Dr Michelle Jackson ND.

Please email me at drjackson@kawarthatherapeutic for topic requests or specific questions. Also, if you see a topic listed that you’re excited about, feel free to ask for it to be published sooner rather than later. All requests will be kept anonymous.

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