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What to Expect

1. The Initial Visit:

This 60min appointment takes a deep dive into your health history and explores your current goals and symptoms. Having a detailed intake form filled out in advance will help make this appointment as efficient as possible. 

2. What to Bring:

If you have updated blood work, please bring to your visit or email ahead of time - Optional: bring 7 days of dietary tracking to provide a sample baseline diet.  

​3. Next steps:  

This varies! It could mean more blood work to help guide treatment, diving into some acupuncture treatments, starting with dietary changes, getting stress support, etc. The starting place depends on patient preference and what Michelle feels is most indicated.

4. Phases of Treatment:

Individual treatment plans will be discussed on the second visit. Michelle breaks down the treatment plan into phases and schedules follow-up appointments accordingly. For example, if dysbiosis (altered gut microbiome) is suspected, Michelle does not focus on nutrient status until dysbiosis has been corrected, to ensure that absorption is optimal. 


Often, appointments are booked every 4-6 weeks in the beginning and space out and become brief check-in's over time. 

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