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Dr.Michelle McKee ND.

The Energized Motherhood Method

I help tired and overwhelmed moms with young kids feel more energized so that they can enjoy this challenging yet magical stage of their kid's childhood to the fullest.

My 12-week online program gets to the hormonal root cause of fatigue and overwhelm by supporting mindset, nutrition, gut health and more!

It is a HYBRID module, involving both Naturopathic Appointments and access to your own online portal of content and resources. With this setup, information is more efficiently delivered AND it qualifies for extended health insurance coverage instead of separate program purchase.

"Being a mom comes with so many everyday, little, amazing moments but the demands are no joke and can take a toll on our health if we don't support ourselves. It's easy to let it slip when we're so focussed on taking care of everyone else."
A photo of Dr. Michelle McKee ND.

Who is this Program for?

Toddler moms! With young kids aged 1-4
Moms who feel that their current state of health is getting in the way of enjoying this time with their kids, impacting work, or relationship with others.
Moms with any of the following symptoms: Exhausted, Low Motivation, Anxious, Overwhelmed, Mom-Rage, Digestive Symptoms, Sugar Cravings, Low Libido, Weight Gain or Loss, Menstrual Cycle Changes, and more!
Action takers who understand it's not an overnight fix and dedicated to the process
Moms who feel stuck in a rut with their health and not sure what to do or what strategies to place emphasis on
Those wanting sustainable, life-long health strategies - no quick fad approaches

How it Works:

Thorough Workup

Entry into program first involves a Telemedicine Naturopathic Initial Assessment so that blood work can be ordered to rule out contributing factors. Following the Initial Assessment, the first 4 modules of the program will be available to work through at your own pace on your own time.

60min Naturopathic initial Appointment: $300

Step-by-Step Method

The program contains 12 different modules in a carefully chosen order. Each module contains audio learning lessons and corresponding action tasks to work through with many supportive resources like handouts and recipes. (Lots of recipes!)

Bonus: convenience of obtaining this information from the comfort of your home.


Accountability & Support

Regular follow-up appointments (every 3-4 weeks) ensures accountability to help stay on track, provides support and encouragement. Program content is reviewed to ensure understanding and answer any questions that come up along the way.


Phases of Treatment:

A follow-up appointment is scheduled several weeks after the Initial assessment and blood work is ordered. At this appointment, blood work results are discussed as well as the targeted supplement plan that is based off of Initial Assessment and blood work. After each follow-up appointment, the subsequent modules become 'unlocked.'

30min follow-up appointments
x2-3: $175
“When we prioritize our health as moms, the whole family wins. We get more enjoyment for ourselves and we can better meet our kids' needs.”
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Program Goal-Specific Outcomes:

Handle tantrums from a place of calm vs. ovewhelm = improve emotional regulation
Have interest in sex again
Know exactly which meals and snacks will benefit energy and hormones
Overcome nighttime snacking
Know exactly what strategies to prioritize and what 'diet culture health advice' to ignore

Turning My Struggles into a Step-by-Step Online Program for New Moms

This is the background story behind why I created my 12 week online program, The Energized Motherhood Method, which supports the health of tired and overwhelmed moms who are 1-4 years postpartum by addressing hormone dysregulation.

A photo of Dr. Michelle McKee ND.

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A photo of Dr. Michelle McKee ND.