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Cupping has been used for over 5 000 years, but it has recently gained popularity due to its use by celebrities and athletes. 

Cupping involves the use of suction cups over different areas of the body. Applying Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, cups are placed on specific meridians to relieve ‘blockages’ that could be causing pain/discomfort. From a Western medical perspective, cups are used on certain areas of the body to relieve pain by promoting circulation (delivering nutrients) and promoting lymphatic drainage (to help clear waste products). Also by stimulating regions of skin, it affects the underlying functioning of organs based on the viscerocutaneus reflex. 

Cups can be left in place or can be moved around the affected area, which feels like a deep tissue massage. When left in place, they leave characteristic, circular bruises on the skin. 

Michelle can use cupping as a sole treatment, but more frequently she combines cupping with acupuncture. Cupping treats a variety of conditions, including: Muscle aches and stiffness, arthritis, respiratory conditions, skin conditions, hormonal issues, etc.