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The Energized Motherhood Method

I help tired and overwhelmed moms with young kids feel more energized so that they can enjoy this challenging yet magical stage of their kid's childhood to the fullest.


My 12-week online program gets to the hormonal root cause of fatigue and overwhelm by supporting mindset, nutrition, gut health and more!

Blood Test

Individualized Assessment

Entry into program first involves a 1:1 assessment so that blood work can be ordered to rule out contributing factors. A custom supplement plan will be made based on testing and information gathered from initial intake. 

Walking in Nature

Step-by-Step Method

The program contains 12 different modules in a carefully chosen order. Each module contains audio learning lessons and corresponding action tasks to work through. Bonus: convenience of obtaining this information from the comfort of your home.

Support group

Accountability & Support 

The program includes group weekly accountability calls with Dr. McKee ND to address any concerns, help with motivation and mindset so clients feel fully supported. 

Discover How to Feed The Entire Family Healthy Food They'll Love
Without Elaborate Food Prep

Get Access To My Top 3 Easy, Healthy & Kid Friendly Weeknight Dinner Recipes Every Tired Mom Needs



Book a FREE 15min Energy Clarity Call to see if the program is right for you!

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