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Hi, I'm Michelle McKee ND, born and raised in Lindsay, Ontario. My family and I recently moved to Muskoka in June 2021 where I have relocated my practice. 


You could say I've had a unique journey to Naturopathic Medicine since both of my parents are medical doctors, and as a matter-of-fact, both of my grandfathers were too! I've always dreamt of following in their foot steps and becoming a doctor one day too, so I first graduated with a Medical Sciences degree from the University of Western Ontario. It wasn’t until I was about to apply to medical schools (yes, I even wrote the gruelling MCAT) that I discovered Naturopathic Medicine and fell in love with its comprehensive approach to healthcare. I haven't looked back since!

About me: 

  • I am a mom - I have a son named Griffin and a Golden Retriever named Rosseau

  • I am an amateur (but passionate) vegetable gardener

  • I love most outdoor activities- in all the seasons! 

  • My favourite sport is downhill skiing

About: About
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